Safe Ride To Kashmir


    Travel and unTravel Kashmir with the De Mounts unique experience. we organize tours for families and groups who are interested in exploring the virgin beauty of Kashmir.

    we provide complete service (Hotels,Air Tickets, Cabs, Personal Guides, Personal security) and access to most fascinating spots.Together we unleash the blossoming beauty and Hidden culture.

    We will be pleased to have an opportunity to serve you and your family in the Lush Green Valley of Kashmir. DE - Mounts believes in Care, Adventure, Luxury and Safe Travel.

    We have an Expert Event Management Team who organize Sufi Musical events,Camp Fires,Trekking Trips through Lofty Mountains,Kashmiri Cuisine ( Veg and Non Veg) and lot more during the Entire Tour. DE-Mounts also provides Personal Security,Professional Guides, Personal Cabs and Best Drivers for Cabs.

    For us you are our Guests
    And for you
    We are there to serve.